Stinkberry: Gross Dessert Maker!

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Top your sweet treats with gross, stinky, sick stuff!!!! There are no rainbow sprinkles here! This is the grossest desert maker out there!

What kids are saying:
"So gross I gag!"

"I wish this app had smells, so I could smell how gross my cupcake is!!!"
Ethan, 9

"If this app got any grosser, I would need a shower!" Sid, 11

Toppings contain gross items like bugs, worms, spiders, flies, frogs, compost, rotten eggs, snails, fish guts, warts, scabs, moldy finger nails and so much more. Send friends your gross creations and sick them out! Or save your sick sweets in your moldy refrigerator to savor later.

Were adding more gross toppings all the time!

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